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At last, after much waiting I have a set of Lee grads. Over the years I have enjoyed a full set of Hi-tech graduated filters which have produced excellent results. They are now marked and still very useable but I felt it was time to move on.
I have two Lee foundation kits so that the Hitech grads can be tried out by workshop photogs at the same time as I can be using the other one with the Lee's. I will be venturing out when the weather abates and the sun finally pushes through the wall of cloud that I have been staring at from my office for the last week.
It will be interesting to see how they differ to the cheaper but excellent Hi-tech grads in clarity, colour cast and neutrality.
I once had a set of Cokin grads that created a strong magenta cast during long exposures. Luckily, a problem not exhibited by the Hi-tech's.
Watch this space as I will report back soon on my findings.